benefits of studying abroad

Thinking of studying Abroad? Well, you might just be thinking it right. Studying abroad gives you your long desired independence, freedom and an opportunity to gain skills that will be with you for the rest of your life. Not only this, it offers an opportunity to grow professionally, personally and academically while going for a once in –adventure. However, it is not that easy, besides choosing the right Institution, it is also important to overcome the challenges that follow.International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) is one of the premier institutes located in Thailand and excels in innovative study-abroad programs and also provides benefits of studying abroad. ISDSI’s People Environment and Development program was recognized by the Institute of International Education (IIE) Andrew Heiskell Awards as the best practice programs in 2005. Also, in 2006 it was nominated as a UNESCO Centre of Excellence.

Why should you opt for ISDSI?

One of the many benefits of studying abroad is that you get an exposure to varied cultures, environment, and life styles and connect with different type of people .Here in ISDI you get an exposure to the ecology, development, sustainable agriculture and design. It is dedicated to teach about sustainability and teach its students in collaboration with the local communities so that the learning process becomes all the more interesting.

The People, Ecology and Development program is developed with Kalamazoo college, which is ranked as #1 in US World Report of 2003 America’s best college. In the U.S. Kalamazo is recognized as one of the best schools for study abroad. Thus, the collaboration gives ISDSI a superior edge over other Institutions.

ISDSI is a part of The Foundation for experimental FOR Experimental Learning, which is a non-profit Educational organization in Thailand with the prime motive of supporting the international development of innovative experimental learning. IFSDI has its base in Northern Thailand but its Expedition Course takes place throughout Thailand from remote tribal villages in the mountains to the remote islands in the Andaman Sea.

ISDSI has been recognized as a leading institute for studying abroad in risk management. It helps move the study of risk management and sustainability education forward by participating in professional conferences.

The study procedure

The semesters here are divided into month–long block courses, which consist of four per semester. Along with the core semester length program, People Environment and development it also hosts a number of study abroad and service learning programs, which are short term. In the 1st month of your semesters, you will be given intensive Thai language classes and you get to learn about the society, development and local culture. Once you are adept with the language you will be put through a series of challenging expedition filed courses all around the country.

In semester one, which is offered in Fall and Spring, the focus is on ecology and culture. It brings you in terms with the challenges of sustainability in local communities. Sustainable Agriculture and Design is offered in Spring only and studies sustainability in both urban and rural settings in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Last but not the least at the end of two semesters you earn a certificate in Sustainable Development studies.