Larnaca Airport TransferTransportation in Cyprus can, at times, get slightly difficult. When one is visiting Cyprus on holiday or for work, IGOGO taxies are always available for service. IGOGO Cyprus taxi is here to solve that difficulty for all tourists and visitors in this beautiful country.

When one is booking a cab with IGOGO, all he/she needs to do is log on to their website or download their app and book the preferred type of cab. Once the cab is booked, it will arrive in a few minutes time. IGOGO provides different services such as city trips, transfers to and from the airport and corporate services.

City trips: IGOGO’s drivers cover all of Cyprus for their rides. They deliver travelers to all locations in the city. People just need to order a taxi using the application and he/she can expect the car to arrive in a couple of minutes for pickup.

Transports from and to the airport: Flying away from Cyprus and is there a taxi needed? ‘OR’ Flying into Cyprus and are expecting a car to be waiting for transport to any desired location? IGOGO makes this very easy for its customers. Download the application on to the smartphone and make a preliminary order. Enter the details of the pickup date and time and IGOGO’s taxi will be waiting at the pickup point on the registered date and time.

Corporate service: IGOGO’s cars also provide corporate services to several clients. They are always at their client’s service. The client can provide a trip schedule for all its staff members regarding the different pickup points and timings. Once these details have been shared with IGOGO, cars will most definitely be at the respective addresses on the given dates and time.

IGOGO follows a very reasonable tariff system. Between 06:00 Hrs. and 20:30 Hrs. the flag cost is €3.42. During this time, per kilometer charge is of €0.73. For any waiting time, these taxies charge €13.66 per hour. For the time period between 20:30 Hrs. and 06:00 Hrs. the flag charge is €4.36. Every kilometer of travel during this time period costs €0.85, and in case of waiting, IGOGO will levy and additional cost of €15.71. Apart from these standard costs, IGOGO also charges an extra €1.96 on holidays and €1.20 for luggage at any time of the day.

Travel to Cyprus

Everyone loves Cyprus, but everyone is aware that it is an island and transport here becomes difficult. Be it on a holiday or a business trip, transport becomes absolutely necessary. There are no trains here in Cyprus and very few buses are in operation, which is why IGOGO taxies are the best option. The traffic in Cyprus is very low and as a result one doesn’t need to stress regarding traffic problems while travelling in a taxi. Transport from Larnaca to Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Ayia Napa and several other key locations in Cyprus can be effectively commuted by ordering an IGOGO taxi. Therefore, it can be your go to transport for all of your travels in Cyprus.