6-Person TentCamping out with family and friends is always a fascinating venture. Camping means to sleep under the sky with an infinite number of stars to look up to.

A tent is the most important thing during camping out without which no camping is possible. As most of the families have three to five members so a six-person tent is the best option for those families. It is of moderate size and less expensive than a 10-person tent. Some 6 person tent reviews will definitely help you to find the best suitable tent for your next camping.

Who needs a six person tent?

Most American families opt for buying six-person tents. The best combination of comfort, size, ease of assembly and storage is offered by this type of tent. It is not necessary to have six members in your family. A family of three to five people can also shelter themselves comfortably in such tents. You will also get a lot of space to keep your gears inside a six-person tent. It can also enhance the comfort level of your friends if you go on a recreational camping with them. You can sleep in different positions and can also move freely inside a spacious six-person tent.

Comparison with other tents

  • The floor area of most of the six-person tents varies from 80 to 160 square feet. Six-person tents have the center height of 4 to 7 feet. The best size for your needs can easily be chosen by you from numerous varieties of six-person tents of different floor space and height. The prices of six-person tents will also be impacted according to the different height and floor space.
  • A six-person tent is undoubtedly bigger and more spacious than a two-person tent. The floor area and average height of most of the two-person tents are 30 square feet and 40 inches respectively. You cannot stand or walk inside a two-person tent. A six-person tent is light in weight that can easily be packed in your bag and you can stand and walk freely inside it.
  • There is a difference in price of a four-person tent and a six-person tent. The floor space of the four-person tent ranges from 55 to 65 square feet.
  • Comfort must not be sacrificed only for a few hundreds of dollars. Though a four-person tent is spacious enough to accommodate two adults and two children, but it cannot accommodate your bags and camping gears. So you must opt for a six-person tent instead of a four-person tent.
  • 180 square feet of space is provided by an eight-person tent. But it is heavier, costlier and more complicated than a six-person tent. Same thing goes with a ten-person tent as well.

Thus, after taking a close look at different types of tents and their differences in price range, you are suggested to go for a six-person tent if you are planning to camp out with a small group of friends or family members. Make your next camp out memorable with a six-person tent.