softball batsWhen picking a slow pitch softball bat also referred to as sticks, there are lots of things which you should consider for finding the softball bats. The essential factors to be considered includes; bat material, weight, length, weight distribution, grip and more. You will then have to correlate these things for your preferences and build as slow pitch bats typically are not always will be one-size-fits-all. The below said points can aid you choose the best bat.

Significant things to consider

Length – When it comes to best softball bats, most of the sticks come in a size of 34-inch, which of course is the greatest length permitted by league policies. Almost all slow pitch players factually don’t have to be concerned in terms of smaller bat length until you are too small or otherwise not heavy enough and capable to swing 34-inch. When this is the situation, softball player to decrease the swing length can consider choking up on the bat’s handle.

Material – Slow pitch bats typically come in two key materials; metal and composite. Both these have their own unique benefits as well as limitations. However, most of the manufacturing companies these days are employing composite materials to make slow pitch softballs. In general, the composites are considered to best alternative as they are highly durable, capable to perform well in colder climates and more. The softball bats are available in hardwood material as well.

Weight – Typically bat weights tend to vary from 26 – 30 ounces, however you can find some which exceed these normal ranges as well. The key principle behind the weight of the bat is that if the softball player is capable to maintain a certain constant swing speed whilst using both a heavy and light bat, and then the batted-ball speed might be the greatest for the heavier sort of bat. By swinging a heavier softball bat quicker can aid to get the best results. It’s recommended to look for a lighter weight bat because of the fact that in slow pitch, swing speed is probable to rule an excellent deal than the weight of the bat.

Grip – The grip bats often come in synthetic leather or leather. Oftentimes grips can also come with cushioning to effectively absorb shock. You need to give attention to grip selection as well.

Weight distribution – When it comes to weight distribution, slow pitch bats can be bought into different sorts; end-loaded and balanced. These two variations can lead to the selection of heavy weight or light swing weight of softball bat. This is yet another vital factor to be considered whilst looking for best softball bats.

It is imperative to pick the slow pitch bats with utmost care and they should be capable to aid you in performing better. The right selection of bat is of course possible by doing some little research and considering the best brand of bat with ideal features, which can boost your performance and can also provide you the comfort whilst playing. Considering the aforesaid factors can help you in selecting right softball bat.