Buy Or LeaseCar leasing is not for all of us. You are required to pay the necessary payments every month after you hire a car which is very different from purchasing a car that’s yours (till the time you sell it) as soon as you drive it away from the showroom. Although, this may sound a bit more tempting, the fact is that not everyone will be able to pay $80,000 straight away.

For people with a limited budget plan, car hire can be a perfect choice. With car hire, you agree to pay a monthly fee till the time your hiring period is over.

Cheap car hire requires you to only pay 15% of the actual price each month. This means that if you have sufficient money to purchase a particular car, you’ll have sufficient amount to rent one also.

Car leasing can also be useful for those drivers who are not quite sure of how long they will need a vehicle. We recommend a company called Southern Van Hire, they provide fantastic deals. But you can always compare car hire using a site like:

Now after discussing the major differences between car buying and renting, let us know the application procedure. Mainly, the application form for car rental is created to help car rending companies understand your financial background better and the amount you can pay for. You will be asked your work place, job type, social security number and your salary. Even though this info may look personal, remember that it’s taking you one step nearer to hiring a brand new vehicle.

After checking all the details, the seller will get back to you inside one or two days to tell know if your application was approved or rejected. If your application is rejected, you can still have a chat with your agent as to why the company don’t wanted you to rent a car. Who knows, you can have better luck next time.

After getting your application approved, it is time to get in your and start driving it! What’s more, you could even purchase the vehicle at the end of the hiring period in the case you don’t want to leave it, or just return it back to the company.